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Pelvic Cushion Muscle Stimulation Training Course

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This course is an upgrade and add-on course to further your knowledge on muscle stimulation but zoning in and specialising in the pelvic cushion attachment for Muscle Stimulation Therapy machines This course is to assist you before or after you purchase your Muscle Stimulation Therapy machine (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology) Machine with a Pelvic Floor cushion Learn how to use your new Muscle Stimulation pelvic floor cushion properly here. Learn all the theories including the anatomy of the pelvic area as well as cushion application. Bodi Slim teaches you step-by-step how to use your new machine or can help you in making a decision on adding the pelvic floor as a treatment within your business or salon. Whether you purchased your machine from Bodi Slim, or you already have a machine and you are looking for advanced expert knowledge this course is right for you. All of the course content and materials have been created by a nationally accredited trainer and participants will be awarded a Bodi Slim certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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