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Fat Freezing Membranes

Bodi Slim membranes are the best anti freeze membranes for cryolipolysis machines on the market . The quality of these membranes is second to none, their safety and quality is proven.


Coming from a busy Fat Freezing salon I have searched far and wide to bring to you the highest quality membranes  because your salon reputation is my number one priority and

the safety and protection of your clients is your number one priority. 

Bodi Slim Anti-Freeze Membranes

highlighting antifreeze membrane for fat

The anti-freeze membrane is a gel infused material pad, which is placed over the treatment area to protect the skin against frostbite while the fat freezing handle is in use.


Cryolipolysis anti-freeze membranes should always fully cover the treatment area.


The skin will suffer a freeze burn injury within two minutes if the anti-freeze membrane is not used.


Membranes are for professional use only.

What are the Ingredients in our Bodi Slim Anti Freeze Membranes?

  • Gel infused material pad

  • Fibre

  • Temperature inhibitors

  • Essence

  • Solubilizer

  • Water

  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

  • Propylene glycol

*Full list of ingredients on request


Key Points of Bodi Slim Anti Freeze Membranes

  • Complys with CE approved

  • Suitable for both Bodi Slim Elite & Bodi Slim Ultimate fat freezing machines

  • Suitable for all other brand dual plate machines and 360° machines

  • High quality Outperformed in tests against other brands

  • Reduces redness to skin

  • Lessens trauma to the skin

  • Extremely safe for your client

  • Bodi Slim membranes come in two different sizes

  • All membranes are marked with expiry for your clients safety and your protection

  • High quality ingredients and components

Anti Freeze Membranes.....

A Cautionary Tale

This is the true experience of Tanya, Bodi Slim owner & trainer


I have a traumatic personal experience which lead me to why I am so particular and careful when it comes to your choice of anti-freeze membranes.


When the Bodi Slim salon first started up, I was so confused with anti-freeze membranes. The selection in Australia was terrible and I struggled to find high quality membranes. Because I knew how important the anti-freeze membrane is, every brand I tried, I tested on myself first. I performed a treatment on my stomach area with a new brand of membranes I had sources. I could tell at the start of the treatment that it was not quite right and very uncomfortable, but I ignored it, knowing it would go numb soon.


After about 35 minutes I decided I needed to come off the machine. I pressed the emergency stopper. As the fat freezing handle and the membrane was removed, I could see my entire stomach was in a frozen triangle ice block state. I was not in severe pain initially, but as it started to thaw I was screaming.


I immediately rang my mother who is a nurse and she advised me to lay in a lukewarm bath to slowly thaw the area. I was so worried by the look of it. It looked like my tummy was not even apart of my stomach and I was so fearful of having scars for life.


The next day I went on a flight to Los Angeles, and I could feel severe heat and pain from my entire stomach area. After arriving I went straight to a doctor. I spend my whole morning in the doctors office getting the freezer burn cleaned up and dressed.

I knew all along that this was simply the fault of a poor quality membrane.

Initially the doctor had a great deal of concern about my injury and he refused to give me clearance to fly back to Australia. Thankfully he was satisfied 24 hours later that I would be fine to fly home. For many days the pain did not stop and I had to constantly clean and redress the burn. The doctors report stated that I had suffered from severe second degree burns, which were border line third degree burns.


All of this could have been avoided by using a high quality antifreeze membrane

Anti-Freeze membranes - Sizes Available

Bodi Slim offers two sizes of anti-freeze membrane, the two sizes, large and small, are the only size membranes you will need for all treatment areas.


Here are the specs and recommendations for use 

BodiSlim_anti freeze fat freezing membra

Small (S) 24cm X 30cm – 75g

  • Chin applicator

For use with the smaller handles on your machine for areas such as:

  • Arms

  • Knees

  • Inner/upper thighs

  • Bra strap bulge

*Areas highlighted in purple

antifreeze membrane for fat freezing cry
antifreeze membrane for fat freezing cry
antifreeze membrane for fat freezing mac

Large (L) 26cm X 45cm – 85g

For use with the larger handles on your machine for areas such as:

  • Upper/lower abdomen

  • Love handles

  • Back flanks

  • Outer thighs

*Areas highlighted in blue

antifreeze membrane for fat freezing cry
antifreeze membrane for fat freezing cry

Anti Freeze Membranes

A step by step guide

Step 1  Check that the anti-freeze membrane packet is completely intact- no leakage and no holes in the packet. Ensure the packet is of perfect condition as the liquid is the protection for the client


Step 2  Check expiry date on membrane


Step 3  Open the packet onto the area to be treated and disperse of all of liquid from the packet onto the treated area. Unfold the membrane, make sure that no part of the membrane material is torn or damaged and completely cover the treatment area


Step 4  Cover loosely with high quality cling wrap over the membrane to ensure fluid stays close to the clients skin , and

to protect the machine

Step 5  Place the Fat Freezing handle over the cling wrap enter all settings required on the machine


Step 6  Watch the suction and the edges surrounding the handle to ensure ALL fat freezing membrane is visible around the handle


TIP  The membrane is designed for single use and should never be reused. Once the packaging is opened please use immediately to ensure quality. One membrane should be used per handle.

What my clients say.....

Thank you so much!!
I appreciate you answering those questions for me!

I have so many clients booking the chin in, haha!

I am booked out my first week!

Mind blowing you are amazing!

Thank you so much for talking me through that!!

I have bookings everyday from this Monday, I was almost crying!

I thoroughly enjoyed the training, it was very informative and the materials provided is so broad, its a perfect business starter pack. I love the online VIP access that allows you to log on whenever you want to watch videos or view material.

Your after training support, knowledge and extremely fast response to questions is excellent, especially as we are in different time zones.


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