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Fat Freezing - Bodi Slim Courses and Training

If you are looking for Fat Freezing Cryolypolysis training then you have come to the right place ! I am the Owner/ Founder of Bodi Slim Australia and have a successful salon for over 10 years.


I thrive myself on Fat Freezing results and safety and have done well over 3500+ safe cryolipolysis treatments with clients in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs including rural Victoria. 

Why choose my Fat Freezing / Cryolipolysis Training Course : 

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✔  Self paced Online Training Course (Full training and full Australian Certificate provided upon completion)  with option of 4 hr practical training extra in my salon 


✔ My pricing for training is competitive and the  best Fat Freezing Course in world 🌏 my guarantee

✔  I have done over 3500+  safe cryolipolysis treatment so you can be assured you get the best training 

✔ I am a leading Fat Freezing specialists in Australia - Bodi Slim Australian owned and operated for over 10  years

✔ Fat Freezing is a safe treatment  your clients, it is non- invasive, no down-time and very affordable

✔ There is an increased demand for non-invasive procedures

✔ Own your own Bodi Slim Fat Freezing Multiple handle machines and lead the way in Cryolipolysis in Australia. 

Our High quality 5 machine gives you extra handles giving you extra income (multiple!)

✔ Stay Ahead of the market by implementing my expertise on the best Quality available Fat Freezer machine for your salon with multiple handles for maximum success and income


✔ 12 Month Warranty (parts only, conditions apply) for your  cryolipolysis machine

✔ I provide up to 6 months support after your fat freezing training course via chat/email/phone for ongoing support with full access to my VIP members only sections of my website with FULL access


✔ 24/7 access to Training manuals/consent forms/FAQ by clients  full


✔ Full access to my online store which  has everything you need to create your salon (treatment bed, anti freeze membranes etc) 

✔ Certification program is made up of 8 modules covering Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) theory and practical

✔ I can adapt my training course to your cryolipolysis machine


✔ Training Manual provided

✔ Client consent form provided

✔ Certificate of completion of your fat freezing course

✔ Finance options available 

✔ Increase your salon profit by $2000 - $6000***** per week 

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But, what does that mean for your bottom line?....

Let's look at your possible projected earnings from starting a fat freeze business


Treatment Name        Cryolipolysis / Fat Freezing Treatment       

Per week                         $455 x3 (with multiple 4 x handle Cryo machine)           

Total Earnings  =         $1365


Treatment Name        Cryolipolysis / Fat Freezing Treatment       

Per week                          $455 x 6 (with multiple 4 x handle Cryo machine)           

Total Earnings  =          $2730

What my Bodi Slim Fat Freezing courses covers
(9 Modules) :


1. What is Cryolipolysis
2. How Cryolipolysis works
3. Areas that can be treated
4. Client consultation
5. Designing a treatment plan
6. How to safely perform a treatment
7. After the treatment
8. Side effects

Practical Module


9. Machine Operation