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HIFEM Therapy

HIFEM Machine Transparent

Muscle Stimulation Machine

  • Improve muscle tone and reduce fat

  • Fast Results! In as few as three sessions

  • 30-minute session equivalent to 30,000 sit ups

  • Industry-leading technology - better results than EMS

  • Home or salon use

  • 12 Month warranty 

HIFEM Muscle Stimulation Therapy is now one of the most requested and NEWEST treatments to offer to your clients and add to your treatment menu.

This machine can also be simply used in the comfort of your home. 

HIFEM therapy is currently experiencing an extraordinary rise in popularity in Europe, the USA and now Australia! Despite the current huge demand in Australia, there are only a few places offering such a service. This demand is present just about everywhere in the world.


Regardless if you are an independent aesthetician, a beauty salon owner or an aesthetics institution, and no matter where you are in Australia, the truth is those who will be the first to know how to grab this opportunity will benefit most from the economic spin-offs of this great business niche!


Coming from a busy Fat Freezing salon, I have searched far and wide to bring to you only high-quality treatments that work, and this is no exception! 


This unique and innovative HIFEM Muscle Stimulation machine delivers premium results. Unlike older EMS machines, the HIFEM machine stimulates deep down muscles and burns fat at the same time.

HIFEM Muscle Stimulation Machine

Six pre-programmed frequencies stimulate muscle growth and trigger apoptosis. Give your clients the defined body they are dreaming of.

Now you can start your clients' treatments faster than ever. With just a few simple selections to make, this HIFEM machine automatically selects the most effective treatment frequencies for your client. ​

And YES you can use it in multiple areas! As well as the tummy for abdominal definition, it can be used on the arms, legs and buttox, for fast and effective muscle toning! 

Give your clients smoother,

firmer, more lifted muscle definition today!


...without the effort and sweat of a gym workout.

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Let your salon be a leader with this NEW treatment and

be the first salon in your area to offer this innovative treatment

HIFEM Therapy explained ....

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What is HIFEM
Muscle Stimulation Therapy

HIFEM therapy stimulates muscles, breaks down fatty deposits, improves muscle definition and takes inches off.


HIFEM therapy also helps muscle recovery postpartum to help restore muscle shape, strength and definitions post pregnancy. 

This therapy is painless, safe and highly effective. HIFEM therapy, through the combination of its different action frequencies, stimulates the muscles and triggers lipolysis in areas with excess fatty deposits.


HIFEM is direct deep stimulation of the muscle fibres and the cells that produce new muscle fibres, improving the tone and shape of the treated zone.

This is the ideal machine for your salon!  It is easy to use and economical. It delivers more results thanks to its unique HIFEM technology.

The multi-frequency treatment handles, simultaneously placed on the buttocks are able to correct and tone the gluteal muscles.

The HIFEM handles are easy to position and secure in place with the supplied accessories & straps.

The procedure is painless and only lasts for 30 minutes. Your client will feel the machine working deep into the muscle fibres; the best part is that there is no downtime or recovery period.


Many clients report the feeling of having just performed an intensive workout in the gym.

Why HIFEM Therapy?
Why choose this HIFEM machine?

The Bodi Slim HIFEM machine features pre-programmed treatment frequencies, which ensures it is easy to use and gives your clients better results than other machines on the market!


The easy-to-use settings of the HIFEM machine, ensures your clients are always getting the treatment frequencies that will be most effective. The machine automatically cycles through different intensities, ensuring maximum muscle stimulation is achieved.

Just one course of 4 sessions can deliver these results:

  • Improvement in muscle thickness by up to 16%

  • Reduction of fat in the treatment area of up to 19%

  • Reduction of waist circumference of over 4 cm

  • No Surgery. No Workouts. No pain. No downtime

Machine + 4 Handle Transparent background
  • Full accessories included (handles, straps, etc)

  • 1-year warranty

  • Automatic frequency control

  • Increases The Muscle Density

  • Initiates Fat Cell Destruction

  • Improved Muscle Tone & Strength

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Free Online Training
& Certificate

We know how important it is for you to gain expert knowledge about how to safely perform treatments and use your new HIFEM machine.

That's why we have created a 100% online training course that you can complete from the comfort of your own home or salon.

The Bodi Slim nationally accredited trainer, Tanya White, teaches you everything you need to know, from setting up your machine to safely performing a treatment.

Start your journey into HIFEM Muscle Stimulation Therapy with only the best expert knowledge.

A Multi-Function Machine
Muscle Growth
Fat Loss
Muscle Toning

Not many people know it but the HIFEM therapy machine is also effective for weight loss.


This treatment acts as a fat burner by triggering metabolic responses in the treatment area. The High Frequency handles initiate lipolysis. This destroys the fat cells which are then eliminated from the body through natural pathways.


Something that the old technology of EMS can not do.


Unlike older EMS machines, there are no associated exercises required to be performed during the treatment, making it easier for your clients to get the best results.

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What others say about us...

Tanya from Bodi Slims customer service is one of the reasons I continue to order my Cool Sculpting stock everytime!! So quick, so efficient and the quality of the membranes are amazing!


I have used several in the past and nothing compares to hers, you can tell she has such a passion for what she does with how top notch her products are!! Couldn’t recommend her enough for all your stock needs and speaking to someone so lovely makes the experience even better