Get your  KIM KADASHIAN smoother, firmer, more lifted buttock today! without the headache of surgery....


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Instant BBL machine! 

"Cutie with a booty"

"I like big butts & I cannot lie "

  • Lifts your buttock up to 70% Brazilian Butt Lift without the pain

  • Instant Result!! No surgery!! No risks!!

  • Equivalent of 1,500 squats

  • Improves blood circulation/Increases collagen

  • Home or salon use

  • Inbuilt infrared 

  • 12month warranty 

So who's ready for a booty fix ???

Vacuum-therapy stimulates muscles, break down cellulite and fatty deposits, eliminates toxins, improves lymphatic drainage and takes inches off. Vacuum therapy also helps restore the skin's natural elasticity to smooth the appearance of facial wrinkles and "orange-peel" dimpling in the thighs and buttocks. ​And YES you can use on other areas as well the stomach for fat LOSS , the arms for smoothing /toning! and even your breasts for bogger , perkier boobies ! 



Step 1



 Our machine is one of the only machines on the market to have inbuilt Infrared that is why our machine stands out from the rest!

- Increases blood circulation

- Detoxification & -Skin purification

- Pain relief by Improving the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body, promoting faster healing of deep tissues and relieving pain.

- Reduction of muscle tension/Relaxation

- Weight loss

- Helps cells regenerate or repair themselves. 

Simple operation ! Step by step guide

Nil extensive training required


Increase volume body parts

 Helps lymphatic circulation.

6 to 12 sessions one week apart results

Earn 50 to 120 USD.



  • Full accessories included (tubes, suction cups, etc)

  • 1 year warranty

  • Good power of 75 KPA

  • Full online training included (with videos)

  • Training certificate in your name included

  • Raises, Enlarges And Reaffirms The Gluteus And Breasts Without Surgeries (increases mass)

  • Increases The Skin Flexibility

  • Releases The Venous And Lymphatic Flow

  • Exfoliates The Epidermis Making Skin Softer

  • Stimulates Dermis And Hypodermis

  • No side effects or downtime

  • Tightens & tones,liftng raising toning and tightening the clients buttock without surgery

  • Helps increase skin flexibility

  • Assist with lymphatic drainage and venous issues

  • Helps to smooth out and exfoliate the skin along the buttocks my king the skinless bumpy , smoother and softer

  • Stimulates the production of collagen

  • Decreases unwanted muscle tension​

  • Most highly sort after and NEWEST treatment to offer to your clients and add to your treatment menu.

  • This machine can also be simply use in the comfort of your home.

  • Vacuum therapy is currently experiencing an extraordinary rise in popularity in Europe and America Australia and UK!

  • Few places offering such a service

  • Independent aesthetician, a beauty salon owner or an aesthetics institution  are grabbing this opportunity

  • Benefit most from the economic spin-offs of this great business niche!

  • Improves texture and tone of treated area

  • Ideal machine for your salon

  • We have pack of … amny different size suction cups suit clients / a lot to choose from

  • No TRAUMA side effects

  • Not everyone good candidate for surgery/BBL

  • Can return to normal activities after treatment NIL downtime


Here at Bodi Slim we are committed to bringing you the most advanced, trending and profitable salon machines to you. Our quality is second to none and our experience in the body sculpting industry is paramount in providing you with the best.

We have been in the business for over 12 years with 6 plus years in dedication to body shaping.  Bodi Slim started as a salon in Victoria Australia and now we sell high quality Fat freezing machines all over Australia and have launch in the UK over the past 12 months.

I have trained salon owners in salon machine usage and I am committed to providing anyone who purchases through me the time , commitment and care that it takes in ensuring you are fully trained and have the best machine on the market.

We make life easier for you and our newest machine is no exception. Its innovative, easy to use and stands out from other providers due to the inbuilt infrared and the fact that we are here for you every step of the way through your purchase. With customer service in both the UK and Australia we are only a phone call, email or chat away.