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Vacuum Rolling 5 In 1 Cellulite Training Course

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Learn all about Vacuum rolling cellulite treatment and the machine to accompany this treatment This course is designed to teach you how to use your an existing vacuum cellulite machine . This course may also be suitable if you have purchased a Velashape , the Velashap3 machine, or an Endermologie machine or any other machine of its type .This course is also for anyone who simply wishing to advance their knowledge & start a career in something new. This course is certainly a good way to learn first then purchase the machine if you feel its something you would like to do. This course is online self pace and will prepare you with the knowledge, tools and the resources to start your body contouring salon business. In this course you will learn the science behind these cellulite treatments. This course will help you enhance your clients results showing techniques that work preparing you fully to add these services to your current treatment menu. This course also covers Vacuum rolling on different areas of the body This intensive course covers everything you'll need to know to provide a safe, effective and a results driven salon with an in-depth understanding of the theory behind these treatments, as well as the practical understanding on how to carry out these treatments. Don't forget at the end of this course. You will receive a certificate

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