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Australia's Leading Training Academy for Body Contouring Treatments

At Bodi Slim, we believe that offering the most innovative treatments is essential to success in the beauty industry. That’s why we are proud to offer training in the world’s most cutting-edge techniques – Cryolipolysis, EMS muscle stimulation, BBL vacuum therapy, laser lipolysis, fat cavitation and RF skin tightening and vacuum massage for cellulite reduction.


Keep up with market trends by signing up for our comprehensive curriculums; you will have unlimited access to tips and advice from Australia’s leading body contouring expert.


With Bodi Slim, you can stay ahead in the industry and be confident knowing your clients will have safe, exciting and effective results.

High Frequency Muscle Stimulation EMS training by Bodi Slim

High-Frequency Muscle Stimulation

Close up photo of a cryolipolysis fat treatment procedure at a salon..jpg

Cryolipolysis / Fat Freezing

BBL Vacuum therapy training by Bodi Slim Training Academy

BBL Vacuum Therapy

Fat Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening training for Multifundction machines

Fat Cavitation & RF Skin Tightening

Lipo Roller Massage for cellulite reduction

Vacuum Rolling Massage

Put Yourself on the map

Bodi Slim Australia Map of training locations in Australia

Are you looking for a way to make your salon stand out and become more successful?


Bodi Slim's training courses have put salons across Australia on the map. Salons in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane have all experienced overwhelming success after training in these specialised courses.


If you want your salon to join them and succeed in an increasingly competitive market, start learning with the Bodi Slim training academy right now! With our guidance and expertise in industry-leading body contour treatments, you could be the next rising star in the beauty industry. Unleash the potential of your business today!


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